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smart ring
with a panic button

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Nimb Ring comes with a panic button that sends an emergency alert to first responders and your emergency contacts.

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Patent Pending – U.S. Pat. Application 20180204445


Nimb App enables you to manage alerts and responders, provide critical info and share location when necessary.

Gabriela D’Addario

It helps that it’s super stylish — I feel like a futuristic robot-model when I have it on, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments. Most importantly, though, I feel safer when I’m wearing it.

Senior Manager, International Publishing
Phyllis Newhouse

Nimb is an efficient and good-looking device, comfortable for everyday wear. The platform helps create safer communities and brings more confidence to women’s lives.

CEO of Xtreame Inc
and former Operations USAREC, US Army.
Laura Gharazeddine

For someone who lives alone, has health issues, but doesn't want to wear a Life Alert tag around their neck, this is a nice alternative. Life Alert's monthly fee is $50, with up to a $200 activation fee. Nimb's monthly fee us $20, unless you order 6 months and then it's $15. And it's pretty!

Hawaii, USA
Geetha Vyas

Want to say you guys have excellent customer service and I'm really impressed with the craftsmanship of the ring! Well worth the wait of over a year since pledging on indiegogo! Thank you and have a great day! :)

Maitland, USA
Lale Dr. Hakami

Thank you so much. Today Ive got it. I love it. You made me happy.

Munich, Germany

Nimb Features

Nimb Ring is the only safety device that enables you to call for help with one click and without drawing unwanted attention.

Send an alert to 9-1-1 in one click
Discreet use. Concealed button
Determines and shares location in seconds
Battery up to two weeks
Accidental use prevention
Hypoallergenic materials

Exclusive design

How it works

Just press and hold the button to send an alert to your safety circles.

When in

the button

is sent

Who is alerted

Your safety circles can include friends and family, Nimb members nearby or 24/7 call centers with access to the closest emergency responders.

Friends and


nimb members nearby

* US-based customers can use the help of our paid 24/7 emergency response monitoring stations.


Never Dial 9-1-1 Again. You just only have to hold the button on your Nimb Ring for 3 seconds to get help from Emergency Responders fast no matter the time or location.


$23.95 / month

$287.40 billed annually until canceled, allows unlimited use of emergency response monitoring stations

You save 20%


$26.95 / month

$161.67 billed each 6 months until canceled, allows unlimited use of emergency response monitoring stations

You save 10%


$29.95 / month

Billed each month until canceled, allows unlimited use of emergency response monitoring stations



Certified dispatchers will notify first responders of the user’s precise location, personal info and any additional data.



The dispatchers will continue to comfort users via text or call for as long as needed until first responders arrive.



An operator will text you within 10s and call you within 30s. If you do not answer, they will send first responders your way.

FREE US Shipping
FREE US Shipping
FREE Activation
FREE Activation
12 Month Warranty
12 Month Warranty
NO Long-Term Contracts
NO Long-Term Contracts
Price-Lock Guarantee
Price-Lock Guarantee
NO Hidden Fees
NO Hidden Fees
100% U.S.-Based Monitorng Centers
100% U.S.-Based Monitorng Centers
Nationwide coverage
Nationwide coverage
24/7 monitoring
24/7 monitoring
30 days Refunds Policy
30 days Refunds Policy
Cancel Anytime
Cancel Anytime

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