Kathy Romanovskaya

Communications Director
Nimb is Hella Efficient, but it's Pretty Cool Too
The original functionality we came up with for Nimb was that we were going to make a device that sends an alert if there was an emergency situation. With that said, making the item useful doesn't necessarily require technology to be married to a bulky design just to keep all the features functioning properly. Instead of trying to hide the brains by any means, the goal was always to produce something looking and feeling cool. So we managed to make the ring both geek and chic, and I have to say: that was quite of a challenge. We have made dozens of prototypes, played with forms and styles, spent days in doubt, but finally came out with something really cool and smart. Now the users may wear the ring to feel safe and protected on-the-go being confident their look totally fits in.
We believe that the design and comfort in usage will help the users get into the habit of wearing a Nimb ring everyday.

We crafted the ring in two colors – Stealth Black and Classic White.
This is classy.
And meets any style you might prefer.
It's also quite comfortable to wear the ring since you always have the option to choose the right size — from 4 to 12 (US). For that we will add a measuring tape to our website once we are ready for pre-orders. Our design team paid extra attention to the the alert button, to avoid accidental alarms, so users have no need to to worry about that.
Trufully speaking, we think that the tastes of our users are classy, sassy and full of color. Our product is a stylish safety device for fashionable working women, smart teens and trendy guys.

Our team wants to prove that style works best with substance. We'll make sure the substance is brainy and functions at its very best.
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