Kathy Roma

Co-Founder, Communications Director
NIMB is the Ring with a Panic Button -
to Make a Safer World for Everyone
Imagine how James Bond is always readily equipped to connect with vital people and call for backup when needed. You never notice him sending a signal or even carrying something for it. Blamelessly elegant, subtle, he's is a style icon, yet manages to push a secret button to let the world know: He's going to complete the mission.
We are neither skilled, nor trained to the level where James saves the Queen. Yet not unlike Mr. Bond, our lives are a series of challenges, adventures, excitements and u-turns: some are bright and friendly, others are thrilling and dangerous. To go on with our precious lives and purposes, we need to stay safe and sound — This is the point where Nimb enters the equation. This ring allows you to send an alarm signal with the touch of a finger, without anyone noticing.

Have a glimpse: Nimb looks like a fashion accessory, sleek and stylish. But its polished appearance covers the most advanced personal security technology, available today.
The Panic button is placed on the outer radius of the ring
You can easily reach the button with the thumb of the same hand and discreetly, unnoticeably, push it. You can do it even if your hands are grabbed by a stranger or otherwise somehow immobilized.
False alarms are rare
You can cancel the alert using the app on your phone.
We are building a network of people and organizations that can help members of a network in emergencies. The signal is immediately sent to the list of contacts you specified in the app — With your location on the map
You can include family members, friends, members of a network, police services, and even an ambulance.
Nimb is the fastest way to call for help when you need it
Not long ago we described all the situations where you can use Nimb when calling for help, and the list would be a solid book with hundreds of pages. Probably one day we'll publish it, and naturally turn it into a best seller. In the meantime, we'll tell you the most frequently cited — so you can see how often we expose ourselves to these unnecessary risks.
Working and commuting late;
Going to parties and crowded social events;
Carrying expensive and valuable items;
Meeting new people whom you know nothing about with no track record;
Having health issues and no way to call for help;
Believing in the general good of humanity while embracing all of the world's interesting occurrences and phenomena, we created a protective device which allows you to call for help if you need it — Instantly.
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