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Tips for Users: Sending and Cancelling the Alert
"The help is under your fingertip" — that's what we say. But honestly, what does it mean?

Quite literally, it describes the process of when the user presses the button — it's not about tapping or shaking the ring, the only thing you need to do is to smoothly press the button for three seconds. The ring automatically connects to your smartphone (using the corresponding app) and sends an emergency message to your friends, family members, emergency services or people nearby.
User-To-Ring communication is simple
In all likelihood, you have the reasonable question — How will the user know that the ring has been activated and help is on the way? Well, it's very simple. When the sender presses and holds the ring button for three seconds, it will light up and gently vibrate several times. This means, emergency messages are being sent now. The attacker won't see the user's moves with the ring. More importantly, the user will feel the communication with the ring and be sure that the ring is strong and true to what we created it for.

What if… it was a false alarm?
We thought about such situations when the user wears the ring at work or doing some routine tasks around the home. Honestly speaking, it's impossible to press the button unwittingly, because we concealed it in the ring design and left three seconds of holding to start the process. Also, it gives 20 seconds to cancel the alert once the button is pressed by mistake.

Canceling the alert is quite simple. Use the corresponding app on your phone, enter the password you set before, and the system will tell your pre selected contacts, that everything is ok with you. Let us repeat: sending an alert from the ring is almost impossible to be noticed by the abuser. Just in case the attacker forces you to cancel the alert , you can use a special password for forced cancellation. Your trusted contacts will immediately know, that someone forced you to cancel the alert.
So, if the worst-case scenario happens, press and hold the button, the ring will recognize the signal, vibrate and emit a small light, send an emergency message to the pre-selected contacts and even activate the audio recording on the smartphone that can be used in court if necessary. Yes, this almighty button can do this as well.
But, if you just check the ring, or show your new gadget to your friends, there is no need in troubling your loved ones and the Nimb community about such trifles, so just enter the password and cancel the alert. It's even simpler than we've described.
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