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smart ring
with a panic button

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Nimb Ring comes with a panic button that sends an emergency alert to first responders and your emergency contacts.

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Patent Pending – U.S. Pat. Application 20180204445


Nimb App enables you to manage alerts and responders, provide critical info and share location when necessary.

Roma explains that, after being stabbed nine times by a man who she refused to talk to, she set out to try to make the world a safer place.

After Apple introduced an SOS app for the Apple Watch and a recent report revealed panic buttons were one of the most wanted wearables by consumers, the Nimb smart ring is the latest with designs to keep you safe.

The Nimb ring is designed to be a quick, subtle way to send your location to anyone from friends to emergency personnel to alert them that you're in a dangerous situation.

You can ask your smartphone to dial 911 hands-free, but what about in dangerous situations when you need to do it discretely?

Enter Nimb, a wearables startup that hopes to bring a little peace of mind.

So the makers of a new device had an idea: place an emergency panic button on the inside of a ring, which is connected to an app on your phone: press the button and help comes running.

I helped create a panic alarm after being stabbed

This is more than just a fancy piece of jewelry

Nimb is a smart ring with a concealed panic button that helps keep you safe in emergency situations.

Nimb is the only safety device that allows one to alert people who care and authorities of the emergency — with a touch of a thumb.

Nimb Features

Nimb Ring is the only safety device that enables you to call for help with one click and without drawing unwanted attention.

Send an alert to 9-1-1 in one click
Discreet use. Concealed button
Determines and shares location in seconds
Battery up to two weeks
Accidental use prevention
Hypoallergenic materials

Exclusive design

How it works

Just press and hold the button to send an alert to your safety circles.

When in

the button

is sent

Who is alerted

Your safety circles can include friends and family, Nimb members nearby or 24/7 call centers with access to the closest emergency responders.

Friends and


nimb members nearby

* US-based customers can use the help of our paid 24/7 emergency response monitoring stations.

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