Frequently asked questions

What is Nimb?

Nimb is an emergency alert system, at the heart of which is a ring with a panic button to send emergency alerts to pre-set list of contacts including friends, family members, first responders, people nearby and other members of the Nimb community.

Nimb Ring provides fast and easy access to the panic button, even if hands are restricted of movement or the person is in a state of shock or stupor.

It looks great for everyday wear with any outfit, it fits any style and complements your image, yet it will help you save valuable time in an emergency and let others know immediately when you need help, showing your location on map.

Press the button, hold it for three seconds — the ring will gently vibrate, confirming that the signal has been sent. This requirement together with a recessed button prevents the user from sending the alert by accident. After holding the button pressed for three seconds, a message with your GPS location and your profile details is being sent to the contacts that you pre-set in the application.

However, Nimb Ring is only the first step in the creation of the Nimb Platform. Nimb will connect anyone who is need of help in case of an emergency to the best and fastest response team anywhere in the world. It will also notify all of the relevant parties of the situation and its developments.

We plan to transform emergency alerting, the same way that Google has done to information searching or Uber to personal transportation.

What's your current progress?

— More than 8,000,000 views across various video material and channels
— More than 10,000 articles published with over 3,000 comments
— Over 30,000 shares and 5,000 comments on Facebook
— Over 3,000 rings pre-sold
— Over 290k USD raised through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
— Over 50 distribution requests across 25 countries



How it works

The ring pairs with a smartphone via bluetooth. Once paired and as long as the ring and smartphone have battery life, they will always stay connected. When the button, that is located at the bottom of the ring, is pressed, the ring starts to vibrate intermittently and if the button is pressed for three seconds the vibration becomes longer confirming that the alert has been activated. The signal is sent via the smartphone to the Nimb server which is then forwarded to the pre-selected responders. All of the responders will have access to the app through which the response can be managed and coordinated. Upon setup, the user will have to choose at least three contacts to be part of the response team. Once the contacts are entered, they will receive an SMS notification that a user has added them as a responder. They are invited to download the Nimb app to be always connected to the platform. Responders will still be notified in case of an emergency even if the app is not downloaded. Users will be able to add as many friends and family members as they want free of charge. Extra monthly fee will be charged for access to monitoring stations that will be available 24/7 and will be able to call and coordinate any first response team.

How long does the battery last

It is guaranteed to last for two weeks once fully charged, but it may last up to one month depending on usage.

What if i press it by mistake

It is almost impossible to send an alert by mistake. First, you have to hold the button for three seconds. Secondly, we designed the ring thinking of everyday wear, so the button is recessed and carefully positioned to avoid accidentally putting pressure on the button.

If you do send the alert but immediately realize that it is a false alarm — you can cancel it in the application using the pass-code 30 seconds of alert activation. In case someone is forcing you to cancel the alert, you should use a secret pass-code for forced cancellation: your attacker won’t notice anything, but your response team will immediately know that you are in trouble and someone forced you to cancel the alert.

Does it work in my country

Nimb will work everywhere in the world as long as you have a stable cell coverage and internet connection to send a signal.

What is the ring made of

The body of the ring is made of stainless steel. The white/black parts are made of composite plastic. All materials are hypoallergenic and of high quality.

Is it waterproof

Currently it is water and dust resistant. It will be waterproof in the near future.

Will everyday use tarnish the

We have taken great care in choosing the highest quality materials, that should prevent deformations, fingerprints and other reactions on the surface.

What design options do you have

At the moment we have one design form and two color options: classic white and stealth black. Both options are elegant and universal.

Where do you make your rings

The rings are currently produced in China but were designed and developed in Europe. We are also looking to manufacture in the US.

How much does it cost, what is your MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price)

You can pre-order it now for USD 129.00 here.

Which emergency services can I send the alert to

Depending on regulations and technical characteristics of service in each country, we will add all possible first responders that will be available on to our platform. Users will be able to add as many friends and family members as they want free of charge in any country. Extra monthly fee will be charged for access to monitoring stations that will be available 24/7 and will be able to call and coordinate any first response team that the user requires

Who are your customers

— Urban females and males who want to feel safe and relaxed when going about their daily lives
— Senior citizens
— Caregivers
— Parents and their children
— People with disabilities and medical conditions
— Small and medium businesses
— Private security companies
— Asset monitoring companies
— Travellers
— VIPs

What are your product and system advantages

— Fast and easy access to the panic button, even if hands are restricted of movement or the person is in a state of shock or stupor;
— The ring allows for the user to send and receive vibration alerts instantly when the signal has been sent which drastically improves response times and prevents missed alerts;
— The vibration functionality also prevents phone loss as the ring will vibrate as soon as the phone and ring are unpaired;
— Looks stylish and cool and does not interfere with people’s style;
— Allows discreet use;
— Instantly gives critical information about the sender and her / his GPS location;
— Audio recording provides evidence via the App;
— Allows the user to pre-select who will be notified when the alert is activated
— Helps build safer communities;
— Runs two weeks without charging.

What are the main problem you’re solving

Current solutions have issues with delays in response times, inability to communicate in certain situations and lack of critical information. All of these issues increase risks and endanger human lives. Here are some of this issues in detail:

Delays in response times:
When asking for help
— Making a call takes at least 45 seconds;
— You can contact only one person or organization with one call;
— You need to have at least one hand mobile to be able to make a call
When responding to the alert
— The contact might be unavailable, has not seen the call or is not aware that it is an emergency;

Inability to communicate in certain situations
— When held at gunpoint
— When held hostage
— When there is lot of noise
— When being assaulted
— When in an accident or medical emergency

Lack of critical information:
— Exact location
— Who needs help
— What type of emergency
— Who has already been alerted
— Details of the scene
— Background on the user

Nimb is a system that deals with all the above issues as it:
— saves critical time and improves response times;
— instantly provides all critical information;
— enables communication to the right response team in any situation;
— allows for coordination among all the responders.

As a result, Nimb increases the chance of a better outcome in any emergency situation.

What stage are you at right now

We are about to ship our first mass produced batch to our first customers in Spring of 2017. We launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in the US last summer, resulting in 2500 pre-orders for the device. We are building a global distribution network starting with US and Europe and South Africa, India, Brazil. After the exhibition we will focus on production, expanding our distribution network and getting external funding.

What happens after the signal is sent

An sms or push notification via the App is sent to your response team. They are able to access the app and coordinate the response. The app will allow for responders to see your location and complete profile, call 911, chat with each other, notify everyone of the developments and hear an audio recording of the scene. Other responders will be able to see if one of the responders is calling 911.

Does my smartphone require a data plan to be able to send a signal

At the moment we are using IP to send the signal to our servers so you will need internet access on your phone but we will also be able to send a signal via SMS on Android phones (iphone currently restricts us in using that functionality). In the future we will be building devices that will be independent of the phone or even GSM and IP coverage.

How do the responders know what type of help I need if I cannot communicate?

You will be able to pre-set what type of help you might need and also when the alert is activated, you will be able to select in the app what type help you need. If you are not able to do that, the response team will now that you are in grave situation and will act accordingly.

What if my phone dies or I lose it

If your phone dies, you will not be able to use our system unfortunately. We are developing a solution that will be independent of the phone but it will come in a different form factor. Our vibration alert prevents you from losing your phone. Once the ring is at a far enough distance from the phone, it automatically unpairs with the ring, which causes your ring to vibrate and you will know that you have distanced yourself too much from the phone or the phone has died. It works in the opposite direction, too: if you left the ring somewhere, you phone will receive a notification.

Does the ring count steps, measure my heart rate, can I pay with it?

We can add any of those features to the ring, but we decided to focus on security and safety of our customers first. So far the device sends emergency alerts — to increase your chances for a better outcome of a dangerous situation. That’s its main feature.

Why didn’t you make a bracelet or a necklace?

We will, eventually. We started with the ring because it’s the only device that you can use to send an emergency signal even when both of your hands are restricted from movement or you otherwise immobilized. You can push the button with the touch of your thumb, without anyone knowing you did that. And the ring looks gorgeous — no bracelets or other tech jewels could give you such a touch of a style.

What if the ring becomes so popular that the criminals would know about it

To begin with, we view the wide exposure and adoption of our product as an advantage, because attackers tend to avoid those who protect themselves. We would face this problem with great pleasure. In this case the ring itself will act like a factor of prevention.
We have all seen those signs "Protected by such and such" or  "Beware of dog". Moreover, it would be quite challenging to have your Nimb Ring removed in under three seconds, the time you need to keep pressing the button and sending out an alert. Furthermore, we are building a platform that will allow other smart devices to be connected so it will be hard to identify which is the device that has been used to send an alert.

What if the rescue team fails to help me — whose responsibility that would be?

Nimb is a communication tool. It allows people to call for help and cooperate to help others. We cannot guarantee that every emergency will have a successful outcome, but with the Nimb ring on your finger, your chances are much higher.

Can I receive and send alert without buying the ring

You can send and receive alert using our application. But in this case the time you spend on sending the signal increases and in some cases you will not able to send an alert if you are physically not able to use your phone.

Why would I use the ring if I have self-protection devices or even carry a gun

Nimb is a communication tool. It doesn't stop you from using any appropriate self-protection devices and skills. You can wear it as a beautiful accessory which can assist you in case of an emergency.

Is there a big market for it?

Anyone can find himself/herself in an emergency and in those cases people will do whatever it takes to get help. Our mission is to make the world a safer place and we want to get everyone connected onto our platform.

Are there any fees involved?

Users will be able to add as many friends and family members as they want free of charge. Extra monthly fee will be charged for access to monitoring stations that will be available 24/7 and will be able to call and coordinate any first response team. The price will vary from country to country, but in most regions the range will be from 10 USD — 20 USD per month.

What if someone from my contacts doesn’t want to receive alerts

When you set your Nimb profile and contact list, your trusted people receive a notification with a request to join your safety circles. People can accept it or decline. If the alert is active, your alert receivers can respond in the app and then join the response team.

Does the system expose my location and activity without my permission?

No, it doesn’t. You location and sensitive profile information becomes available only after you have sent an alert. We appreciate the trust of our customers and treat their personal data with respect.

Is there any warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty for the ring.

Can I pair the ring to two smartphones?

You can pair the ring only to one smartphone. Should you choose to, you can reconnect your ring to a different smartphone.

What kind of notifications does the system send?

It can be push notification in the app, text message or a vibration signal to the ring or a combination thereof.

Do alert recipients also need a ring to receive alerts or do they only need to download the app?

You do not need the ring or even an installed app on the receiving end. Your emergency contacts will get a push message in the app if they have downloaded the app and also receive an SMS. However, if they do have a Nimb Ring, the ring will vibrate when there is an emergency alert coming in.

Why did you decide to make a device as a ring?

Only with the ring can you send an alert quickly and quietly, even if both of your hands are immobilized or restricted of movement. It is also the only device that can really enable you to never miss an alert.

What is the maximum operating distance between a smartphone and Nimb Ring?

We use Class 2 Bluetooth® module with a range of up to 100 feet/30 meters. The range of 100 feet/30 meters is the best achievable range under perfect conditions. In real life situations, the device usually provides a range of 15 to 45 feet/5 to 15 meters, and we prefer to provide you with actual facts and not create unrealistic expectations so that you can act accordingly. Since we are talking about emergencies where every second counts we recommend keeping your phone within 15 feet/5 meters from the ring, where the connection works well in most situations. You should also know that the range depends not only on the transmitter and the mobile phone which is receiving data, but also depends on weather, geographic and local conditions.

What sizes do Nimb Ring come in?

4 - 12 US sizes

What additional features does it have?

— Protection against mobile phone loss - The NIMB ring vibrates once the distance between the phone and the ring exceeds preset limit
— Call me — I am worried! -  If you cannot reach your loved one, you can send a vibration signal to his or her ring
— Follow me – in the application you can add information where are you going and with whom so if you break your route or something happens the alert message will be sent to your pre-selected contacts
— City safety map - The mobile app features a city's safety map reflecting crime rates in different areas. Forewarned is forearmed
— The ring can be set to vibrate alerting user of an incoming emergency message from another ring or the system
— The app automatically notifies to your selected contacts, when you reach a place
— The list of frequently visited places will be shown to your selected contacts after sending an alert in order to make the search process of a victim easier and quicker
— The user can send a notification about going out with someone (put his/her name) to selected contacts, thus facilitating the search process when an accident occurs

Situations of use

— Any suspicious contact on the street, public transport, crowded places, deserted areas;
— Night events, going there and back from parties, social and cultural events;
— Long hours at work and late commute;
— Aggressive behaviour of strangers;
— Aggressive behaviour of related people — especially with a history of being violent. This, unfortunately, includes ex-spouses, step-parents, neighbours and other people you know well.
— Traffic or transport accidents;
— Criminal assaults: robbery, armed attacks, car jacking, sexual assault;
— Health alerts: pain, dizziness, bleeding, fainting;
— Lost in an unknown area or in the woods;
— Health issues — diabetes, fainting, seizures;
— Accident during sport activity or trek;
— Protecting your children
— Protecting your partner or a spouse;
— Late work shifts of your loved ones;
— Taking care of elderly or dependent family members;
— Vandals, burglars or other unwanted visitors.
— Protecting VIPs
— Travelling to unsafe countries
— Protecting employees

How is the ring connected to the phone?

NIMB Ring uses Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) to connect with your smartphone. It pairs with the ring via the app.

Do you have any patents?

We have more than 10 applications pending.

Is the ring certified?

We will have CE & FCC certification.

How can I check the battery life of the ring?

You can check the battery level in the application. The ring shall notify you by a small vibration when you need to charge it. The app shall also tell you when to charge the ring.

What languages will be available?

We start with English. Other languages will be available once we expand to other markets.

How do you plan to make money?

We plan to make money by selling the rings and charging monthly subscription for alerting emergency services.

What competitors do you have?

Today there are some old fashioned solutions like self-defense accessories, SOS mobile applications and personal emergency response systems like life alert. Besides having individual disadvantages, all of the existing methods of protection have one significant drawback: while finding yourself in an emergency situation you may not be able to reach and use the device.

We also have new startup competitors like Revolar, Safelet, Wearsafe but none of them have a ring as a form factor and are able to receive alerts.

What is your USP?

Our main USPs are Fast and Easy access to a panic button and 2 way communication system that prevents missing an alert and phone loss.

How can the user return the ring?

We follow the US standards on return and refund policy. We also give money guarantee once the user returns the ring back to us within 30 days of purchase.

What if the user seeks for Repair Service?

We will provide a replacement ring if the ring fails to perform as advertised. We do not take responsibility if there is any evidence of physical damage.

How many SKUs (stock keeping unit) do you have?

20 in total. 10 sizes in black and 10 sizes in white

Do you provide customer support?

We will set up call centers in each country that we launch but we will also have a chat bot on our website for frequently asked questions.

Will an insurance company subsidize the ring?

Government programs under the Affordable Care Act reimburse their customers for personal emergency response devices. The Nimb Ring falls under this category and depending on your coverage may be reimbursed. For private insurances, please contact your insurance provider to check if they cover personal emergency response devices.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Los Altos, California while the company is registered in Delaware, US.  Our software and hardware developers are based in Europe.

Tell us about the team

Leo Bereschansky - Founder and CEO
One of Leo’s company’s applications was featured by Apple on the main AppStore page for three weeks. Same company also received a $480k/year grant from Google in AdWords advertising. Same company has raised over $1.5M in funding.
Nimb started with Leo’s idea in 2014.

Nick Marshansky - Founder and CMO
In 2009 founded a digital marketing agency. Current major clients - Unilever, Ford, Heinz, BAYER, LVMH. In 2010 sold his shares in game development studio to CMEDIA. In 2012 sold part of his shares in marketing agency to ADV Group (Havas Group + IPG).

Alex Medvedev - CTO
Alex has co-founded game development company which have more than 100,000,000 installs. Alex has over 10 years of experience in engineering and computer programming. In 2010, together with Nick, sold his shares in game development studio to CMEDIA.

Kathy Romanovskaya - Communications Director
Kathy’s 20-years experience includes media and investor relations, social marketing and crisis communications. Her skills stand behind a successful twitter account project that accumulated over 1.5 million followers.

Davor Tomic - Head of Sales and Business development
Davor has a Masters in Corporate Finance from Bocconi University as well as a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Imperial College of London. Davor has previously worked at Barclays Capital, Axa Private Equity and Unicredit Bank. In the last 6 years he has been successfully running two of his privately owned businesses and has been a co-founder in a previous start-up.

How long has the company been active?

Company got started in 2014 by Leo. Since then he devotes his undivided attention to Nimb development. Each team member works only on this project.